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Apiglukan is a blend of beta-glucan and cream colored honey. It contains only natural ingredients.

significantly strengthens the immune system


The following medical doctors and specialists recommend Apiglukan:

M.D. M. Pekarek - chief physician at Naturcentrum Salvea Praha (Prague), cancer specialist, former member of the Czech Academy of Sciences; M.D. A. Willant–Wiva Svitavy; M.D. J. Zeman–Karlovy Vary; M.D. J. Ctvrtecka-Dobruska; M.D. K. Jurkovic–Trencin - Slovakia; docent ing. J. Horak–Praha; M.D. I. Dobrovoda-Pezinok - Slovakia - and others.


We recommend using Apiglukan for patients with various ailments, such as: An impaired immune system, bacterial infections, viral diseases, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, some allergies, skin infections, gastric ulcers and high levels of cholesterol. Apiglukan helps cancer patients during and after chemotherapy and radiation. It is helpful for people experiencing stress, tiredness or doing heavy physical labor. For healthy people, it is possible to use Apiglukan as a short-term energy stimulator or as a long-term method of preventing cancer or other diseases.


Detailed information for usage:

Patients with impaired immune systems, infections, flu, tonsillitis or problems with certain allergies

There are many attacks on our immune system - repeated infections, side effects of antibiotics and other medications, stress, pollution, etc. These attacks can lead to an impairment of the immune system. An impaired immune system simply does not recognize or counteract the invasion of germs very effectively.

It is possible to bolster your immune system by the regular usage of Apiglukan. Beta-glucan (contained in Apiglukan) is able to create specific connections to macrophages. Macrophages are cells of the human immune system that are able to identify and kill various germs such as bacteria, viruses or cancer cells. The therapeutic and preventive effect of glucan is based on its ability to increase the activity of macrophages. Beta-glucan molecules stimulate the macrophage cells without increasing the level of cytokines. High levels of cytokines are negative for the body because there is a danger of over-stimulating the immune system along with other negative side effects. The heightened activity of the immune system caused by beta-glucan helps manage the invasion of germs without the side effects resulting from a high level of cytokines. Such treatment and prevention is very promising for certain types of allergies because it is not possible to use immunostimulation that increases the levels of cytokines for patients with allergies.

Apiglukan is very useful as a support for antibiotic treatments (e.g., during tonsillitis) or as an additional treatment during flu epidemics or pharyngitis, etc. We recommend using Apiglukan with vitamin C as a preventive measure, especially during the cold and wet seasons when germs attack the immune system much more.


Patients with inflammation and skin infections

We recommend usage of Apiglukan during the treatment of different types of skin infections, ulcers and injuries. It is very useful for recovery after surgical procedures or against septic wounds. In the case of some skin infections or ulcers, it is possible to apply it externally.


Patients with high cholesterol levels

It is a well-known fact that high levels of cholesterol increase the probability of cardiovascular diseases.  In order to lower the level of cholesterol it is necessary to change one’s life style very drastically or to go through radical diets and treatments. Treatments for lowering cholesterol levels are usually very expensive and there is a high probability of side effects. Beta-glucan is a natural substance with proven cholesterol lowering abilities without any side effects.  


Additional treatment and prevention against cancer

Even though macrophages are part of the anti-tumor activities of the human body, they are not sufficient for stopping cancer. Gradually all immune system cells can be depleted during the fight against a tumor because bone marrow is able to produce only a limited number of immune cells per day. In such a case, we strongly recommend the use of Apiglukan because it extends the efficiency of existing macrophages. It is useful especially during radiation or chemotherapy when macrophages are depleted not only by the cancer itself but also by the drastic treatment as well.   

Furthermore, beta-glucan is effective in the protection of the body against free radicals. Free radicals are one of the possible sources of cancer, in addition to being damaging to the functioning of macrophages.  Beta-glucan is able to protect macrophages from damage by free radicals during radiation treatments, enabling the cells to continue producing substances for the recovery of bone marrow. This effect is very significant in general prevention as well because radiation treatment is not the only source of negative radiation – it come also from cell phones, monitors, radio transmitters etc.


Usage for athletes, overexerted people or pregnant women

Recently published research states that honey, with its ideal structure of saccharides and other substances, is very effective against exhaustion of the body. Apiglukan is an instant source of energy during physical exertion. It is digested easily without stomach problems. Stimulation of the body by Apiglukan during physically demanding periods occurs very naturally, without any negative effects.



1 teaspoon (approximately 10 g) 2-4 times per day. It is possible to use like honey – e.g., melt it in lukewarm tea or spread it on bread. In order to increase the therapeutic effect, we recommend a 1-month intermission after every 4 – 5 weeks of usage. In short-term usage as an instant energy stimulator, for example, it is possible to take in higher dosages.


Apiglukan contains beta-glucan

Every day the human body is attacked by various negative influences – e.g., stress, weariness, smog, noise, electromagnetic radiation, aggressive chemical substances, and side effects of some medications – antibiotics, corticoids, etc. The immune system is overloaded and is not sufficiently able to oppose the attacks. In this situation, our immune system cannot be effectively protected against infections or malignant tumors. Many research studies proved that special polysaccharides inherent in some mushrooms or yeast are able to help. The most effective among these special polysaccharides is beta glucan, a polysaccharide that is able to connect macrophages and activate them.   

Macrophages are cells that permanently circulate throughout the body with one purpose – to destroy heterogeneous invaders. Your body has billions of macrophages and natural killer cells.  Their job is to find, kill and remove anything foreign in your body. They play the key role in our immune system. Macrophages are like an army prepared to protect us against germs – viruses, bacteria, toxins, fungi, cancer, parasites, etc. After macrophages register the presence of germs, different activities are commenced – swallowing germs, killing them and releasing other immunomodulators for increasing the reaction of the immune system. Macrophages help start various other immune processes in order to kill germs and cleanse the body of destroyed cells.

There are situations when macrophages can be depleted. For example, the increasing presence of negative influences, imbalanced nourishment, chronic diseases, even old age can deplete macrophages. In these situations, they are not able to protect the body against germs and the immune system needs help.

Beta-glucan works differently than most immune system products. It is an immune system modulator and works by forcing your immune system to "work" at a higher level of activity.  After macrophages connect with beta-glucan, they receive new power. In laboratory tests, the activity of macrophages was increased by an average of 130% from beta-glucan.


Beta-glucan is designated by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) as a safe substance for the human body. It is proven that beta-glucan works as immunomodulator without side effects. The everyday usage of glucan helps to protect the body and maintain your immune system at an optimal level. Beta-glucan is proven as a very significant health substance.


Apiglukan contains honey

Honey is not only tasty but an old medicine as well. Beside other positive substances, honey contains iron in an ideal form for human body and therefore supports the creation of blood cells. As a dietary supplement, it is appropriate for patients with heart disease, liver and stomach problems, etc. Honey helps with cardiovascular problems and lowers blood pressure.

Honey contains various other natural substances that are healthy for the body – e.g., dextrin, enzymes, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D, H, K, E, and P. In order to retain these properties, honey should not be heated above 46°C, otherwise the majority of enzymes and vitamins are lost. High usage of refined sugar has negative influences on human body. Saccharides contained in honey are different because they are composed mainly of fructose and glucose. These natural saccharides are very easily digested. Therefore, honey is popular among diabetics because it increases the level of blood sugar less than does refined sugar.  It is also sweeter so it is possible to take smaller doses.


In summary, we can say that the positive qualities of honey and beta-glucan are not only complementary  but possess a synergy of qualities as well. When taken with honey, beta-glucan is more easily absorbed by the digestive tract and more effectively transported throughout the body. Furthermore, the therapeutic effects of beta-glucan are enhanced by the healthy qualities of honey.


Substance intended for special nourishment. Dietary supplement. Caution: Contains honey. Do not take when you are over-sensitive to bee products. Diabetic patients are encouraged to consult their physician. Apiglukan is not for children under 3 years of age. Store at room temperature out of direct sunlight. Keep out of the reach of children.


Active ingredients: beta-glucan, bee honey. Average content of beta-glucan in 100g of the product: 0,025g. Average content of the following nutrients in 100g of the product: saccharides 78,4g (glucose 15g; fructose 42,3g; others 21,1g) proteins 0,3g; fats 0g. Average energy value in 100g of the product: 1343 kJ = 321 kcal.



Authorized by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic: HEM-350-10.6.02-16429. Protected by the patent laws of the Czech Republic. Distributed through pharmacies and health food stores in the Czech Republic.


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